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-20 years old

-Jack In The Box Tacos are amazing,

-Valley Fair Shopping Center <3

busylizzie91: hi who do you like more with phoebe coop or cole


Phoebe and Coop.

UHM YEAH DUH. even though Phole lasted for 2 years IDGAF. the beginning was beautiful but it slowly died due to his crazy demonic side. When he became mortal, I slowly started liking him again. Then after The Source took him over, he totally went downhill. Season 5 he was a fucking wreck without poor helpless phoebe and she clearly tried to move on and he was a controlling bitch who said IF I CANT HAVE PHOEBE THEN NOBDOY WILL. selfish much? Thats how your death happened!!! You went into a downward spiral that had an uneventual consequence of your death. Byeeeeee Cole! Phoebe and Coop forever <3 


I aspire to be like Prue. She was strong and looked after her family.. ❤️

Andy dies then Prue dies. OMG 
Perhaps my perfect man? LOL JK but yeah he is pretty sexy.