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-Jack In The Box Tacos are amazing,

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Anonymous: I thought Paige and Leo stopped her sleeping with the fireman before it happened?


When was that?

There’s a scene in Chris-Crossed that shows Piper and Greg together and naked, heavily implying that they had been intimate together.

this bitch is on some shit haha whoever asked this.

i hope that one day my special guy comes out of nowhere and sweeps me off my feet

Fuuuuuck dude.

amazingaliphant93 your boo thang

*whistles* Mmm baby ;) headhighwithgoodvibes

only rebloggin this because i thought his thighs were two uncircumcised dicks

Lol this guy.


I like to think I’m funny and hot. I’m neither

Damn this guy is hella cute :D sailorbouga